Over 1,000 Shoeboxes for Romanian Children Raised

Chris McKirgan

19th November 2017


Each year Keynsham Elim Church runs an appeal to raise donations of shoeboxes, decorated and filled with presents and life essentials for under-privileged children in Romania. The families of these children would otherwise not be able to give their children a present this Christmas time. Thanks to the love and generosity of the local community, schools, nurseries, guiding groups, churches, other organisations and individuals the appeal has raised a record 1,000 shoeboxes. These shoeboxes will change the lives of over a thousand under-privileged families this Christmas.

Staff and volunteers from Keynsham Elim Church routinely travel to the poverty stricken families in and around Oradea, Romania, working with a local charity called CASA Grace. CASA Grace are a team of social workers who dedicate their time helping install basic water supplies, providing food aid and other essentials to families in dire need. 2017 is the 7th consecutive year the church and CASA have partnered together to give hope to these families by raising and personally delivering shoeboxes to these families this Christmas season. Without these donations, many of these children would not otherwise receive a single present.

The shoeboxes raised from the appeal are currently being checked and sorted by our team, and on Saturday 25th November will begin their journey to a warehouse in Cardiff awaiting pickup. On December 4th the boxes will leave Cardiff by lorry, traveling over 1300 miles by road to our partner charity based in Oradea, Romania; CASA Grace. A team sent by the church will be flying out to join CASA in the delivery of the shoeboxes in the community from 7th December, with some members joining the following week. This is an opportunity for the church and CASA to meet families in their homes and personally deliver the shoeboxes to the children. The shoebox delivery roughly coincides with St.Nicolas day; the day which Romanians traditionally give Christmas presents - similar to our 25th December celebrations here in the UK. The team will eventually return by the 18th December, after which they will share their experiences in church, and online.

The church would like to thank every single individual that has taken the time, effort and money to create a shoebox which will change a life this Christmas. In particular, the church would like to thank some organisations that have invested time and effort to produce multiple shoe boxes for the appeal:

  • Everyone at Keynsham Elim Church, family and friends
  • Close Farm GP Surgery
  • Practice Nurses Kingswood Health Centre
  • 3rd Weston-super-Mare Brownies
  • Red Bus Nursery and Pre-school Downend
  • Ent Department BRI
  • Culverhill School, Yate
  • Charfield Felloship
  • Wickwar Fellowship

The Romania Shoebox Appeal is just one way in which Keynsham Elim Church supports disadvantaged and underprivileged families in Romania. Teams and sponsors from the community also support water projects, food aid, and a summer camp for children. You can find out more about our projects and how you can support these families on our Romania Mission page.

Thank you to everyone that has made a shoebox this year - every single shoebox opened will bring a smile to a child's face this Christmas! So once again we say a 'HUGE THANK YOU!'.

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