Share hope with the Romania Shoebox Appeal this Christmas

Chris McKirgan

7th October 2019


For many families in Oradea Romania, and surrounding villages, who live in poverty and often desperate lives, there will be no presents this Christmas. With financial, health and other serious pressures, it means it is just impossible for families to share presents this Christmas time. Some children may have to work to support their families, many single parents are working tirelessly to put a roof over their children and food on the table. Others suffer from sudden loss or health issues with the breadwinner resulting in sudden financial difficulty.

CASA-Grace, our partner charity is based year-round locally in Oradea. The social work team do an amazing job helping and supporting such families and children through often very difficult and challenging times.

Born out of our church's love in working and supporting these families through Casa-Grace by our annual summer camp, came our Christmas shoebox appeal. The idea is simple - wrap and fill a shoebox with Christmas presents, and help give hope at Christmas to those families in great need.

Many of these families, our volunteers and staff know personally through contact in overseas missions, like the summer camps.

They have helped them work through issues on our camps, regularly pray for them. Our partners CASA-Grace work year-round offering practical support and help.

Being a small charity, the annual shoebox appeal is a gigantic mission for us. We arrange for the boxes to be driven across Europe ourselves.

A few volunteers from our church fly over to Oradea, to individually hand-deliver many of the shoeboxes to the children with our partners CASA-Grace, and of course, with your own generous donations each and every year, we change lives.

Want to get involved? Join us this year in creating a shoebox for a child Visit our 2019 Christmas Shoebox Appeal page to find out details of how you can produce your own shoebox, and what kind of items you can put inside. You'll find lots of useful resources including flyers and posters which you can download and print for your school, club or place of work. You can also help us spread the word by sharing this page on Facebook and with your friends.

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