When: Sunday Morning 11am - 12pm

Where: Elim Church, Confernece Room

Why: Building the youth up to be a generation who glorifies God whilst doing and seeing amazing things with God.

Our church has a growing youth of 11 to 17 years old. This age range is possibly one of the most difficult ages to communicate with effectively. One minute you can be having an in-depth conversation about the nature of God and the next they want to chat with their friends about the latest cool fashion accessory! They can be very grown-up at times but still occasionally show flashes of their child within. THE GRID encourages a sophisticated relationship with God, not shying away from questions that the young people themselves are asking, but also wants to let that faith grow in a fun and lively environment.

THE GRID is lead by a group of volunteers from our congregation who have a passion to see this generation do amazing things with God. So when they grow out of EPIC children's church they have a new and exciting adventure to embark upon in THE GRID.

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