Champion lift is Ryan's unique way of telling people about God's love through Olympic style weightlifting events.

It started in the USA when Ryan was asked to take a service in a men's prison near Boston. After taking the service, Ryan mentioned that he could demonstrate some Olympic style weightlifting, which is a technique used by athletes of all disciplines to build fitness and muscle strength. He was given the use of the gym, so Ryan demonstrated the lifts, coached the inmates and held a competition. At the end of it all Ryan spoke about Jesus and how he had put his faith in him. The inmates were captivated and wanted to know more about following Christ. Ryan realised that he could use weightlifting as a means of preaching the gospel. In April 2011 Champion Lift Ministries was born.

Ryan has taken Champion Lift into school, colleges, youth clubs, churches, Sunday schools, men's ministries as well as prisons. He has worked with Love Wales and Marilyn Harry in South Wales, reaching bug crowds of people. He has even been to the Outer Hebrides with this ministry.

A Champion Lift event starts with a weightlifting demonstration by "Rev Ry" who as well as being a fully ordained Evangelist in the Elim movement, is also a former British Masters Olympic Weightlifting Champion.

The audience are then invited to have a go for themselves, they start lifting small weights, then the weight increases until a champion is found.

There is a medal ceremony, where everyone who takes part gets a medal, and the top three are all awarded trophies. Ryan concludes the event by speaking about the Champion of all Champions - Jesus Christ.

Ryan is highly regarded and is in great demand.

He would love to hear from you so please email us.

Rev. Ryan Morton

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