Life in Oradea

Oradea is the capital city of Bihor County and Crisana region, in north-west Romania. As is true for many cities around the world, there is a strong rich-poor divide in Oradea and the surrounding villages. For those living in the poorer areas of the region, life can be challenging.

Many families' children are an essential part of supporting the finances of a home. Some children will take up part time labour after school, and in some circumstances will choose to end their education to keep their family afloat.

Unlike here in the UK, Romania does not have the same levels of social care structure. As a result issues that affect the breadwinners, such as a health issue, could put more serious financial burdens a family in Romania. These types of pressures often prevent children and young adults from pursuing education and job training.

Our partners CASA Grace work with families in times of such pressures, by providing food parcels and work skill training programmes.

Life in Oradea Life in Oradea